Some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft, IntellAI, and JPMorgan Chase, are sending speakers to AI Expo Europe. This major conference on artificial intelligence, the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, will be held in Bucharest on October 6-7 at the Radisson Blu.

One of the highlights of the international conference is the presence of AI Steve, the AI assistant of politician Steve Endacott. Endacott participated in the July 4th elections in the Brighton area of the UK, uniquely engaging in real-time conversations with 45,000 voters and forming policies based on these discussions.

Steve Endacott, the business innovator behind this AI-assisted election campaign, has also confirmed his attendance. Endacott is the Non-exec Chairman of Neural River (AI), Neural Voice (AI), and Travel Solutions Network.

Other top speakers who have announced their participation include Shehram Jamal (NVIDIA), Patrick van den Hoevel (Google), Raz Baxhar (Microsoft), Anita Luthra (JPMorgan Chase), Dr. Uptal Chakraborty (IntellAI), and Dmitry Rogozhkin (Zero10, ex-Wanna). Check out the full list of speakers here!

Romania will also be well-represented by notable figures such as Cristian Onețiu (Brilu), Radu Toncu (ClusterPower), Cristian Mogodici (Zaya), Sergiu Vasilescu and Luca Dejan (VD Law Group), Adrian Posteucă (Y8U/Technology Futurist), and Mircea Șcheau (Cloud Security Alliance).

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Machine learning and deep learning techniques;
  • Natural language processing and its applications;
  • AI in healthcare: opportunities and ethics;
  • Robotics and automation;
  • AI for business analytics and data interpretation;
  • AI in cybersecurity: protecting against emerging threats;
  • Ethical considerations in AI development;
  • AI’s role in environmental sustainability;
  • AI in financial services: from algorithms to practical applications;
  • The future of education: personalized learning through AI;
  • Smart cities and AI-driven urban planning;
  • The intersection of AI and IoT: enhancing device connectivity;
  • Advances in consumer technology powered by AI;
  • AI’s impact on creative industries: art, music, and design;
  • The regulatory and legal landscape surrounding AI.

AI Expo Europe aims to decode the impact of artificial intelligence on the present and, more importantly, the future, addressing the big question: will AI take our jobs?

"Through AI Expo Europe, we aim to bring together representatives of the most important global players in artificial intelligence to educate and develop the market. The event is intended for everyone interested in this technology, providing a deep understanding of how it works, the associated fears, and, most importantly, its benefits," says Ruxandra Tătaru, co-founder and CEO of the event.

Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic, but to what extent can we now define certain industry parameters? What projects are underway, what should we invest in, and what technology is available? All these aspects will be presented at the conference, offering participants a clear and updated perspective on this rapidly evolving field.

The AI Expo Europe (October 6-7, Radisson Blu) will be a dynamic and comprehensive platform for education and an excellent opportunity for networking and developing new business opportunities.

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